Concrete & Grass

China’s Best Loved Music Festival


Concrete & Grass is a multi award-winning, genre-agnostic music festival based in Shanghai since 2015

Concrete & Grass音乐节于2015年落地上海,是一个屡获殊荣、不拘一格的音乐节。


About Us

China’s Best Loved Music Festival

Concrete & Grass was established in Shanghai in 2015.

Built on the foundations of Shanghai’s YUE Festival (2007) and the Black Rabbit Festival (2011 – Shanghai and Beijing), Concrete & Grass was built as a truly international music festival in China for China. Hosting the likes of Radwimps, Edison Chen, Daddy Yankee, A$AP Ferg, Re-TROS, Jay Park and Little Simz plus art collectives, epic cuisine and eco-warriors, Concrete & Grass entertained tens of thousands of young Chinese music fans from inception until COVID.

Concrete & Grass音乐节 是在2007年上海十跃音乐节和2011年国内首个“双城音乐节”:黑兔音乐节(上海/北京)的基础上打造的,是一个真正属于中国、面向国际的音乐节。Concrete & Grass音乐节曾邀请过RADWIMPS、陈冠希、DADDY YANKEE、A$AP FERG、重塑雕像的权利(Re-TROS)、朴宰范和Little Simz等众多优质艺人,除以之外还涵盖不同领域的艺术团体、美食和环保人士等。从创立之初到疫情之前,Concrete & Grass音乐节一直为数万名中国年轻乐迷带来欢乐。

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